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elcontrol VIP System3 Portable Digital Analyzer

elcontrol VIP System3 Portable Digital Analyzer
elcontrol VIP System3 Portable Digital Analyzer


ELCONTROL Energy's VIP-SYSTEM-3 is an affordable, portable analyzer with a built-in printer which takes measurements on three phases and calculates the equivalent three-phase values.  The VIP-SYSTEM-3 measures and prints voltages, currents, power levels, power factor and harmonic distortion.  It also measures total and time-band kilowatt hour usage.  Alongside instantaneous measurement readings, it provides average values and records maximum power and distortion readings.  The built-in printer can provide printouts of parameter trends and alarm states in graph form.  The VIP-SYSTEM-3, with the addition of a Memory Pack, stores all measured data for later use.

The Memory Pack can be used to program and carry out automatic measurement surveys, with the option of data transfer to a Host Computer or Remote Printer.  A special function card can be inserted to expand the VIP-SYSTEM-3's operating possibilities, including new functions such as monitoring of leakage, temperature, etc.  The analyzer is equipped with an input for auxiliary parameters and compartments for the Memory Pack and special function cards.  It uses a "Super Twisted" luminous display.


Portable Analyzer


For unbalanced 3-phase systems

82 Instruments in 1

Supplied with software

Measurements in AC and DC.

Built-in printer for measurements, alarms and micro-interruptions.

Graphic representation of measurements.

2 relay alarm outputs.

RS232 output.

High accuracy (class 0,5).

Automatic measurement surveys programmed and stored on a MEMORY PACK.

Expandable to other measuring functions using special function cards.


elcontrol VIP System3 Portable Digital Analyzer

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