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Power Clamp Meter

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Mastech MS2203 Three Phase Clamp Meter Power Factor Optimization Support RS232
Brand: Mastech
FEATURES:Dual Display: 9999 countsJaw Opening: Φ50mm/2.0"Auto RangingAuto Power OffData Logging: 28 groupsTrue Root Mean SquareSegments Bar GraphMax/Min MeasurementData HoldDisplay BacklightLow Battery DisplayRS232 Interface: Windows OSOVERVIEW:Power Supply: 4*1.5V AA BatteriesProduct Size: 300mm*10..
PROVA 6601 3 PF Power Clamp Meter Tester
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:PF (3 Φ 3 W, 3 Φ 4 W 1Φ 2 W)AC + DC 2000A, Power Factor of 600 VAC + DC 1200KW (1 Φ) AC + DC 200KW (3Φ)AC / DC Automatic DetectionDouble screen V + Hz, A + V, KW + PF, KVA + KVARRange Selection:Auto Power Consumption Overload Indication:OL Sampling TIME:5sec (V and A) 16sec(W..
PROVA-6200 Graphic Power Quality Analyzer
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:Analysis for Single Phase and Balanced 3 phase system True RMS Value (V and I) Active Power (K,KW,MW,GW) Apparent (VA,KVA,MVA) and Reactive Power (VAR,KVAR,MVAR) Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle( Φ ) Energy (WH,KWH,KVARH,PFH) Programmable PT(1 to 3000)Ratios Disp..
PROVA-6600 3 Phase Power Clamp Meter
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:1. 3 f 4 W, 3 f 3 W, 3 f Balanced, 1 f 2 W, and 1 f 3 W Power Measurement.2. AC + DC True Power, and True RMS AC Voltage and Current3. AC + DC 2000A, AC 600 V, DC 800 V4. AC + DC 1200KW (1 f), AC + DC 2000KW (3 f)Screen 5. Dual V + Hz, A + Hz, W + PF, KVA + KVAR, V + A6. Measurement of the ..
TES-3063 Power AC/DC Clamp Meter
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:RS-232 interface to talk with PC4 digits with dual display LCDAmp / Voltage f requency measurementDual display KW+PF , KVA+PF , V+A4000 continuity point data logger , 25 point manual dataloggerTrue power / apparent power / power factor measurementTrue RMS. V , A , W , cap , lnd , phase indi..
Lutron PC-6011SD Power Clamp Meter
Brand: Lutron
FEATURES:Real time data logger, save the data into the micro SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need.Real time data logger, built-in clock (year/month/date/hour minute/second ),sampling time can be set from 2 to 7200 seconds.Applications : Power quality analysis ..
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