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Earth & Insulation Tester

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OVERVIEW:Ground resistance measurements from 0.01Ω to 2000Ω with 0.01Ω resolutionData hold, low battery warningComplete with test leads, auxiliary earth bars, heavy duty case and six 1.5V batteriesSPECIFICATION:Earth Ground Resistance0/20/200/2000Ω ±(2%+3)Earth Voltage0~30V ±(3%+5)Resolution0.01ΩDat..
Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer
Brand: Fluke
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 434-II is designed for users who need to get to the solution of the power quality problem as quickly as possible so that they can minimize expensive downtime. The measurement process and display of data is optimized to get to the most important information as quickly as possib..
Kaise SK-3502 Digital  Insulation Tester
Brand: Kaise
FEATURE:50V/125V/250V/500V (SK-3500), 125V/250V/500V/1000V (SK-3502)Comparator Function.Data Memory (up to 100 data).Low Resistance Measurement.AC/DC Voltage Measurement.Enhanced Safety Functions.Product Manual:Kaise SK-3502 Insulation Resistance Meter..
Lutron DW-6195 Energy Analyzer
Brand: Lutron
OVERVIEW:Color LCD display.Analysis for 3 phase multi-power system, 1P/2W, 1P/3W, 3P/3W, 3P/4W.3 current probes ( CP-1201 ) are included, if change the current probes, the calibratio..
MET-2 Clamp Earth Tester
OVERVIEW:Test frequencies are selected automatically to minimize erroneous measurements.Earth resistance measurements for single and multi earthing systems.Leakage current and load current measurements with 200mA, 2000mA and 20A ranges.Data memory and auto power off function.10Ω and 300Ω earth resis..
Brand: Sew
Features:Capable of measuring earth resistance and earth voltage.2 mA measuring current permits the testing of earth resistance without tripping earth leakage current breakers in the circuit under test.Auto power off function.The timer operates automatically fo..
ZC25-3 500V Insulation Megohm Tester Resistance Meter
OVERVIEW:It uses lower power consumption, high change rate, inductance energy-DCV converter change to 500V.Also, it uses digit-bridge resistance measurement for measuring electric insulation resistance.Features: Easy and precise readout, wide measurement range, low power consumption and clear readin..
Mastech MS2301 Earth Resistance Clamp Meter
Brand: Mastech
OVERVIEW:Test voltage: 3700VElectric clearance: 6.5mm (IEC1010 double insulation  CAT II 600V)Electric shock: IEC1010-1Limiting overload: 20A RMS currentAverage consumption: approx. 50mARange: autorangeDisplay: LCD 4 digit, 9999Low voltage indication: display  symbolPower supply: Ni-MH 600..
Seaward ERT 1557 Ground Resistance Meter
OVERVIEW:Seawards ERT1557 is a competitively priced ground resistance meter which is compact, lightweight with the capability of ground electrode resistance measurements without the disconnection of electrodes. The instrument provides the option to measure soil resistivity.Ground resistance measurem..
KEW 4102A Earth Tester
OVERVIEW:The latest circuit design permits the instrument to operate with the minimum of influence from earth voltage and earth resistance of auxiliary earth spikes.Dust and drip proof. (designed to IEC 529 IP54)Earth resistance value can be read directly from the..
Brand: UNI-T
SPECIFICATION:Earth Resistance Testing:    0 ~ 20 Ohm +/- 2%rdg +/- 1 Ohm0 ~ 200 Ohm +/- 2%rdg +/- 3dgt0 ~ 2000 Ohm +/- 2%rdg +/- 3dgtEarth Voltage Testing:0 ~ 200Vac (50/60Hz) +/- 1%rdg +/- 4dgt Special Function:..
Uni-T UT275 Earth Clamp Meter
Brand: UNI-T
OVERVIEW:Professional earth clamp meter with build-in leakage meter UNI-T UT275 Earth Ground Resistance:0.01~0.099Ohm        ±(1%+0.01)0.1~0.99Ohm        ±(1%+0.01)1.0~49.9Ohm ..
Fluke 437-II Quality Monitor and Energy Analyzer
Brand: Lutron
OVERVIEW:The Fluke 437-II series helps you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot Power Quality Issues – 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz.400 Hz operation according to MIL-STD 1399 for use in avionic and military applicationsShipboard power measurement system analyzes ..
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