SE All in One Solar Street Light 30 watt

SE All in One Solar Street Light 30 watt



Product Name:
SE LED All in One Solar Street Light 30 watt  

Installation Assistance

Detailed installation manual and installation video will be available after finalizing the order.
Besides, we can provide onsite installation training and technical assistance with USER’ MANUEL!


Our solar street lights are essentially maintenance free. However, in certain regions with heavy dust,
snow or extreme dry weather with little rain, some lever of maintenance is required.
●Every Week: Inspect street lights to ensure all lights are working. If there are unlit lights, analyze the
cause and conduct repairs.
●Every 2~6 Months: Inspect and clean solar panels which are covered with dust or sand. The best
tool to clean is a brush with a long pole. Cares should be done to avoid damage
●Every 5-10 Years: Replace the solar street light batteries if the voltage drops below normal levels.
The battery has an expected life of 5-10 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Problems or Trouble Shooting & Solution

Fault Phenomena 

 LED Light Doesn’t Light up during night

Problem Cause

Surrounding light is brighter

Light source is damaged

The output circuit is open, short, or grounded 

The connection between the storage battery's terminals is open- circuit

The controller is damaged


The light source will start automatically after the brightness of surrounding is certain dark
Replace it with the same light source
Check the connection between the storage Battery’s terminals and make sure it is okay.

Repair the controller or replace it with the same model controller.

Fault Phenomena 

Lamp works irregularly or shuts off too soon 

Problem Cause

The solar panel is covered by other things 

The voltage of the storage battery is below 9V 


Clean the solar panel.
1. If it is caused by too many rainy days, it will recover automatically when the sun returns.
2. Check the connection of the solar panel.
3. Check the battery connection. 

Our Service commitment

1) We provide certificate of quality detailed installation guide and common problem solution.

2) We guarantee all the products are inspected properly, no unqualified products delivered. We

strictly fulfill the responsibility of after-sales service, being committed to warranty scope,

implementing the national regulation for industrial products. We will recall or exchange the

defective products free of charge , but buyers shall provide the application form which includes

the defects points(design, material, process) and demonstrates the products are properly installed

and used by the Our instruction .

3) We promise to provide a solution within 48hours since quality objection raised bycustomer.

4) We qualified members ,trained by I Solar to Install and service the product


General Specification
Controller & Lithium battery 10A, Automatic Light and Time Control, 12 hours per night 12Ah Lithium, Maintenance free
Sensor Function 365 days every night
Working Condition -15- 60℃ Working Temperature
Working Time 12 hours per night
Solar Panel Specification
LED Lamp 30W/12V lumen>120LM/W,6000K
Solar Panel 12W/10V, Mono crystalline >18%Efficency.
Certifications CE, ISO9001,SGS,ROHS,BV

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