Prova 100 Calibrator

Inquiry Prova 100 Calibrator


4-20mA, with 1 p A resolution

Basic Accuracy 0.025% + 5 p A 

Auto-Ramp and Easy Step Functions

1-100% Input 

0-20mA, 0-24mA Selectable

Easy Just-Type-in Number Operation


DC Current: (1KΩ maximum load, 24V Loop Supply)

0 to 4mA1μA± 0.025% ± 10μA
4 to 20mA1μA± 0.025% ± 5μA
20 to 24mA1μA± 0.025% ± 5μA

DC Voltage: 

0 to 4V1mV± 0.05% ± 10mV
4 to 20V1mV± 0.05% ± 5mV
20 to 24V1mV± 0.05% ± 5mV

Beeper warning when output is short and specified output > 100mV

General specifications:

Dual Display5 digits for the main (large) display
4 digits for the upper (small) display
Battery typeAlkaline battery (9V)
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Dimensions88 x 168 x 26mm (3.46" x 6.61" x 1.03")
Weight330g (batteries included), 12.34oz
Accessories includedInstruction Manual, 9V Battery, Carrying Case, External Battery Pack, Alligator Clip

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