Smart Sensor AR954 Handheld metal detector High Sensitivity Scanner

PREORDER Smart Sensor AR954 Handheld metal detector High Sensitivity Scanner


Metal detector utilizing electromagnetic induction principle, the use of alternating current through a coil to produce a rapidly changing magnetic field. The magnetic field inside the metal object can be an eddy current can be induced. Eddy current will produce a magnetic field, the magnetic field affect the original upside down, causing the detector beeps.


- Probe tips: Sound / Vibration 

- Detectable distance: 2.5inch/50mm
- Detection frequency: 13khz 
- LED light alarm 
- Sound alarm: > 75dB 
- Low battery indication function 
- Detection principle of electromagnetic induction 
- Can detect both positive and negative direction 
- There Lanyard 
- Working Environment: 0 ~ 40
- Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70  

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