HT-9600 Air Pollution Monitor Detector Dust Particle Counter

HT-9600 Air Pollution Monitor Detector Dust Particle Counter


This handheld dust fast detector is the special locating device used to set the value of PM2.5 (reparable particles) and PM10 (inhalable particles) in the air. It is a high-tech product developed independently and integrating gas dynamics, digital signal processing and optical-mechanical electrical integration based on the absorption of foreign advanced high sensitivity micro laser sensor technology. The device is characterized by high test precision, stable performance, strong multiple functions and simple and convenient operation and can be widely used for determination of indoor and outdoor public environmental and atmospheric environment, PM2.5 quality detection and PM2.5 dust particle quantity. 


PM2.5 quality detection: PM2.5 Pm10

Range: (0-1000ug / m3) 

Concentration unit: μg / cubic meter (μg / m3) 
Sensitivity: 1ug Measurement 
error: <± 20% 
three-channel dust Particle counter: 0.3um 2.5um 10um Flow rate 
: 1L / min 
Concentration unit: piece / L 
sampling method: pump 
sampling principle: light scattering light 
source: laser diode 
detection: manually 
automatic shutdown function: it will turn off automatically when there is no operation within 2 minutes when the power is on. 
Environmental condition: 
Application environment : temperature scope: 5 ℃ -45 ℃ 
humidity range: <90% RH) 
Storage conditions: Scope: -20 & # 8451; -60 & # 8451;
humidity range: <90% RH) 
Sample time: 50s 
resolution ratio of sensor: 1ug / m3 
storage record: 1000 groups of data 
temperature measurement range: -40 & # 8451; + 125 & # 8451; Precision ± 5? Humidity measuring range 
: 0-100% RH Accuracy ± 2% RH 
Screen size: 2.8in 
display: 2.8in 320 * 240 LCD color back light 
power supply : 7.4V Rechargeable lithium battery / 1100mAh (the battery can not be disassembled.).

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