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Sound Analyzer

A sound level meter is used for acoustic (sound that travels through the air) measurements. It is commonly a hand-held instrument with a microphone. 

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Brand: Kaise
FEATURES:·         Backlight LCD helps easy reading in dark place.·         MAX/MIN measurement.·         Wind Screen supplied to cut off wind noise affects.·   ..
FEATURES:4 Digit LCD display with bargraph and backlight A & C weighting Over and under range alarms Max, min and data hold functions Conforms to IEC651 Class 2 standards Supplied with 9V battery, microphone windshield and user manual ..
CEM DT-1309 Digital Lux Meter
OVERVIEW:This is a brand new CEM DT-1309 CE certified digital light meter / Lux-fc meter with large 4-digit LCD display and 41-segment analog bargraph. This new light meter is capable of measuring the light up to 400,000 Lux and 40,000 foot-candle, which is 8 times higher than the regular light mete..
OVERVIEW:This meter is an accurate and sure-fire way to determine that the level of light meets specified criteria and obtained data will become very useful information to maintain the brightness of any environments. The economical version of our lux meter that can measure the Lux level in 3 testing..
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:TES 1150 Digital Sound Level Meter complies with the requirements of IEC 61672-1:2013 standard for a Class 2 instrument. The instrument contains several features which permit sound level measurements under a variety of conditions.FEATURES:0.1dB resolution.Range from 30 to 130dB.Maximum hold..
TES-1350A Sound Level Meter
Brand: TES Product
OVERVIEW:*0.1dB Resolution *Maximum hold function *AUX OUTPUT JACKS *Standard applied:IEC 651 Type2 *Range:A LO (Low) - Weighting: 35- 100dB A HI (High) - Weighting: 65-130dB C LO (Low) - Weighting: 35- 100dB C HI (High) - Weighting: 65-130dB Resolution:0.1dB&..
Brand: TES Product
FEATURES:0.1db ResolutionRange from 35 to 130dBMaximum hold functionA & C Frequency WeightingsFast & Slow dynamic characteristics modelsAuxiliary Output JackScrew thread on back for Tripod..