Audionic Alien 3 Multimedia Speaker

Audionic Alien 3 Multimedia Speaker


Since the dynamic hard effort in the field of knowledge & technology, Audionic deliberately planned countless quantities of quality products, which are known for its high features and specifications. After many achievements in the field of electronics, Audionic presented a new idea to introduce electronic device with name Alien-2 which is particularly designed to satisfy fresh segment that likes advanced style speakers with next level complete sound output, in small Alien-3 Audionic accommodated high-class technology that last for several ages. The 2.5 inches dual speakers hold up enough output power that produces in quality sound output. Apart from its exceptional functioning it is made from quality computable material with the combination of black and silver color to shape it at as an alien creature. These rare speakers are especially planned for the laptop user who depends on low sound output level, using Alien-3 speakers allow user to experience high output level in small size speakers.



Drive Unite   

Drive Unite: 2.5”
Output Power
P.M.P.O: 300W
R.M.S: 3W x 2
Frequency Response 
Frequency Response is 60Hz ~ 20 kHz.
4 Ohms
Input Power


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