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Amplifier ICs

OVERVIEW:CD14538B dual precision monostable multivibrator provides stable retriggerable/resettable one-shot operation for any fixed-voltage timing application. An external resistor (RX) and an external capacitor (CX) control the timing and accuracy for the circuit. Adjustment of RX and CX pr..
The 74HC4067; 74HCT4067 is a single-pole 16-throw analog switch (SP16T) suitable for use in analog or digital 16:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer applications. The switch features four digital select inputs (S0, S1, S2 and S3), sixteen independent inputs/outputs (Yn), a common input/output (Z) and a d..
FEATURES:•Stereo section 9V/3Ω3W×2, 12V/3Ω5W×2 : noise filtercapacitorless power.•Super bus section 9V/3Ω6W, 12V/3Ω10W : output ca-pacitor, B-S capacitorless power.This chip employs technology for eliminating pins andexternal connections to realize 3-dimensional power on asingle chip. This IC is a s..
Features: Short Circuited Protected OutputsTrue Differential Input StageSingle Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 32 V (LM224, LM324, LM324A)Low Input Bias Currents: 100 nA Maximum (LM324A)Four Amplifiers Per PackageInternally CompensatedCommon Mode Range Extends to Negative SupplyIndustry Standard Pin..
active mount type        Through Holeactive connector type        Solder Legscomponent package        DILactive number of legs        18 countunique marking code        LM3914active marking code type&..
we will explain the LM741 Pinout Connections.A LM741 is a 8-pin op amp, meaning it has 8 pins all having their different functions.Below is the pinout diagram of a LM741 Op amp chip:Pin 1: Offset Null- This is the pin where we add voltage to if we want to eliminate the offset voltage. This is if we ..
OVERVIEW:This is a stereo audio system application. A STK-465 amplifier capable to deliver 2 x 30W audio output at 8 ohm loudspeaker and 2 x 40W using 4 ohm loadspeaker.This circuit uses dual polarity power supply to work. Maximum supply voltage is 41V while the recommended supply voltage is 28V...
OVERVIEW:type - low-pass stereo (two channel) power amplifier;name - STK4142;coefficient of non-linear distortion (PN = 1.0 W, f = 1 kHz) - 0.3%;frequency at +0 dB (= 1; PO = 1.0 W) - 20 Hz;cut-off frequency (at -3 dB = 1 / √2 ~ 0.707 from amplitude at low frequencies, Po = 1.0 W) - 50 kHz;input imp..
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