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Description:This is the best 3-axis accelerometer for the price. The ADXL335 is a triple axis analog accelerometer with a sensing range of +/- 3g. Perfect for balancing robots when paired with a Gyro...
SPECIFICATION:Filling out our accelerometer offerings, we now have the really lovely digital ADXL345 from Analog Devices, a triple-axis accelerometer with digital I2C and SPI interface breakout. We added an on-board 3.3V regulator and logic-level shifting circuitry, making it a perfect choice for in..
The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processo (DMP) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms, the MPU-6050 does away with t..
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