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OVERVIEW:The STK128+ is a complete, cost-effective development board for the ATmega128. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on ATmega128 MCU and makes them develope prototype device easily.The ATmega128 chip is mounted on a device board, which can be separated ..
The high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 16KB of programmable flash memory, 1KB SRAM, 512B EEPROM, an 8-channel 10-bit A/D converter, and a JTAG interface for on-chip debugging. The device supports throughput of 16 MIPS at 16 MHz and operates between 4.5-5...
OVERVIEW:The high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB of programmable flash memory, 2KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROM, an 8-channel 10-bit A/D converter, and a JTAG interface for on-chip debugging. The device supports throughput of 16 MIPS at 16 MHz and operates betwee..
OVERVIEW:The high-performance, low-power Microchip AVR RISC-based CMOS 8-bit microcontroller combines 16KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 512B EEPROM, 1KB SRAM, 23 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, three flexible timer/counters with compare modes,..
OVERVIEW:The high-performance Atmel picoPower 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 1024B EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 23 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, three flexible timer/counters with compare modes, internal..
FEATURES:1.8-5.5V operating rangeUp to 20MHzPart: ATMEGA328P-AU32kB Flash program memory1kB EEPROM2kB Internal SRAM2 8-bit Timer/Counters1 16-bit Timer/CounterRTC with separate oscillator6 PWM Channels8 Channel 10-bit ADCSerial USARTMaster/Slave SPI interface2-wire (I2C) interfaceWatchdog timerAnalo..
Brand: EETools
OVERVIEW:ChipMax2 is a low cost and high-performance universal device programmer for PC USB 2.0/3.0 interface. It programs a 64 Mbit flash memory in 42 seconds. ChipMax2 supports over 13000 programmable devices with low voltage (1.8 V). ChipMax2 is the state-of-art universal programmer offers..
DFROBOT DFR0116 USBtinyISP-Arduino bootloader programmer
OVERVIEW:This is a USB AVR programmer supported by offical Arduino IDE. Once the Arduino has lost its bootloader for some reasons, use this programmer to reburn the bootloader and save the dead Arduino. This programmer works really well for ATmega168 and ATmega328 and should work with all th..
Package Included:6 * 104 ceramic capacitors3 * 1K resistance1 * 1K exclusion2 * 10K resistance1 * 10K exclusion1 * Simple horn seat2 * 22PF ceramic capacitors1 * 220uF/16V electrolytic capacitors1 * 0.5A self recovery fuse1 * DC power supply socket1 * The 3P round hole seat1 * 11.0592M crystal2 * 20..
Open18F4520 Standard, PIC Development Board
OVERVIEW:Open18F4520 is a PIC development board that features a PIC18F4520 device as the micro controller. It supports further expansion with various optional accessory boards for specific application. The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with P..
This powerful (200 nanosecond instruction execution) yet easy-to-program (only 35 single word instructions) CMOS FLASH-based 8-bit microcontroller packs Microchip's powerful PIC® architecture into an 40- or 44-pin package and is upwards compatible with the PIC16C5X, PIC12CXXX and PIC16C7X devices. T..
Brand: Microchip
FEATURES:USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC)Real-time executionMPLAB IDE compatible (free download from Microchip)Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitorFirmware upgradeable from PC/web downloadTotally enclosedDiagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error)Read/write program and data memory of..
OVERVIEW:Ramps is short for reprap Arduino mega pololu shield, it is mainly designed for the purpose of using pololu stepper driven board (similar to 4988 driven board). Ramps can only work when connected to its mother board Mega 2560 and 4988/DRV8825. Owning to its stability in operation and..
OVERVIEW:The RT809 RT809F BIOS Programmer Serial ISP Programmer in Pakistan  is a special, universal and versatile Programmer dedicated for Repair and used in Manufacturing Production, Programming thousand of Memory IC's (24, 25, 26 family  and 93 family) and MCUs (Atmel, Windbond, ALTERA,..
OVERVIEW:Full Support LCD TV FLASH drivers read and write unlimited capacity TSOP48 nand FLASH EMMC TSOP56 pin TOP8-16 pin Support CAR DVD, SMART TV.The Only universal programmer which can automatically detect chip number for all Chips.The only universal programmer which can put ic in any position a..
USB 4-Digit PC Analyzer Diagnostic Card Motherboard Tester
2-3 Days
OVERVIEW:This new Computer Analyser Diagnostic Card (also called POST--Power On Self Test) is a powerful testing equipment for Laptop & desktop with 25 pin printer port.It is known that the BIOS will automatically initialize and test the I/O setup of the mainboard configuration and send the test..
FEATURES: HiLetgo 51 AVR ISP Downloader Module USBASP USBISP 3.3V / 5V AVR Programmer ATMega8 chip on board..
OVERVIEW:The STM32F3 DISCOVERY helps you to discover the STM32 F3 series Cortex-M4 mixed-signals features and to develop your applications easily. It includes everything required for beginners and experienced users to get started quickly.?Based on the STM32F303VCT6, it includes an ST-LINK/V2 embedde..
OVERVIEW:Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal ProgrammerProduct Features AVR series, Single-Chip,High speed programming PIC series 8-bit micro controllerProgramming Serial 24 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 93 seriesProgramming High-performance BIOS programmerSupport WIN2000 / WINXP / WIN..
FEATURES:STM32L - 152RBT6 (128 KB Flash memory, 16 KB RAM, 4 KB EEPROM) or STM32L152RCT6 (256 KB Flash memory,32 KB RAM, 8 KB EEPROM) microcontroller in an LQFP64 packageOn-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection mode switch to use the kit as a standalone STLINK/V2 (with S..
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