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About Us

W11STOP is Pakistan's leading electronic store. We deal in multiple brands which include Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Simcom, Fluke, Mastech, Sanwa, Tes, Lutron, Kyoritsu, Uni-T, ARMmbed, Intel, Microchip, Texas Instruments, Sparkfun, Pololu, Digi and many more. We also have Clamp meters, Anemometers, Datalogger Thermometers, Analog, and Digital Meggers, Routers and Speakers, Mobile accessories, GSM and GPS modules, Wifi modules, Industrial inverters, Home Appliances, and hardware related items.

W11STOP is Pakistan's first online store containing electronic products, software products, hardware tools, medical tools and kits, and electrical items all at one place. We provide our customers the opportunity to buy either a unit item or purchase in bulk quantity. We also have a blog posting point where opportunities are provided to our customers to get educated with the latest on topics related to technology and the latest trends globally. This makes W11STOP unique from other E-commerce platforms as our slogan says "One Stop, All Solutions".

Since Pakistan has an emerging talent in Technology Industry. To assist this talent we have developed this store to provide them with every aspect of the latest technology that is being used worldwide with reasonable price. We also have an Enquiry where our customers can inquire about the latest products and can get quick possible help.

The store was started to provide people a place to purchase items other than clothes and electronic appliances which are easily available as compared to the products mentioned above. People usually don't have much knowledge about these products and are confused while purchasing, therefore our products are available with complete descriptions, quality assurance and blogs related to it so that even the newbie can easily get started.

Our team comprises of young, talented and dedicated people in the fields of e-commerce, electronics, electrical, hardware tools, customer services, finance, and operations to make this venture a resounding success and set an example for other companies to followOur goal is to promote entrepreneurs in Pakistan by providing them with the latest technology and provide quality service to our customers.


Why choose W11STOP?

The paramount reason that makes W11 STOP different from other online stores is that it is first Pakistan's online store containing products related to technical electronics, microcontrollers, embedded boards, software, hardware tools, and electrical items all available at one platform with the best reasonable price.

w11stop is managed and owned by Ronikal Group of Companies