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Robotic Kits
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4WD Robot chassis -31%

4WD Robot chassis

DESCRIPTION:This 4WD Chassis is simple yet versatile robot chassis designed specifically for st..

Rs2,100 Rs1,450

Chassis Tyre

Tire Parameter:Center Hole: 5.3*3.66mm/0.2*0.14"Wheel Size: approx.66*26mm/2.59*1.02"..


DC Gear Motor with tyre -29%

DC Gear Motor with tyre

Working Voltage: DC3V ~ 12V (recommended working voltage at around 6 to 8V)The maximum torque: 800gf..

Rs350 Rs250

2WD Robot chassis

OVERVIEW:2WD robot chasis platform with wheel encoder discsTwo gearmotors with 60mm wheels and a rea..