Clamp Meters

Clamp Meters
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FLUKE 376 FC True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex

OVERVIEW:The Fluke 376 FC is part of the Fluke Connect family of wireless test tools.  Now you ..

48,500 PKR

Mastech MS-2109A Clamp Meter 600A AC/DC

FEATURES:Display: 6000 countsJaw Opening: Φ26mm/1.0"Auto Power OffNon-Contact Voltage DetectorRelati..

5,200 PKR

Mastech MS2101 - Digital clamp meter

FEATURES:Display: 4000 countsJaw Opening: Φ42mm/1.7"Auto RangingAuto Power Off Relative Measure..

4,000 PKR

Mastech MS2115B Clamp Meter AC DC 1000a Data Loging

FEATURES: Dual Display with 6000 countsJaw size up to ¦µ40mm/1.6 inchAuto Ranging and Manual Ra..

7,800 PKR

Mastech MS2140C Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter with IR Temperature Meter

FEATURES:Display: 6000 countsJaw Opening: Φ40mm/1.6"Auto Ranging Auto Power OffNon-Contact Volt..

8,800 PKR

Mastech MS2203 Three Phase Clamp Meter Power Factor Optimization Support RS232

FEATURES:Dual Display: 9999 countsJaw Opening: Φ50mm/2.0"Auto RangingAuto Power OffData Logging: 28 ..

25,500 PKR

Mastech MS2301 Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

FEATURES:Display: 9999 countsJaw Opening: 45mm*32mm/1.8"*1.3"Auto RangingAuto Power OffTest Voltage:..

49,000 PKR

Sanwa CAM-600S clamp meter

OVERVIEW:AC current measurable max. 600ALong analog pointer with "pointer lock" functionTemperature ..

12,200 PKR

Sanwa CL-22AD Accessories/Clamp sensor

OVERVIEW:Model No. : CL-22ADType of Product : Clamp ProbeFeatures : Length : 1.8m Battery life : app..

19,200 PKR


OVERVIEW:True RMSPeak hold (10ms)BacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clamped Data hol..

17,400 PKR

Sanwa DCL10

Overview:Slim core for narrow spaceBacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clampedData ho..

7,200 PKR

Sanwa DCL1000 Clamp Meters/AC

OVERVIEW:Lightweight approx. 290gLarge LCDEasy to use large size data hold buttonSampling rate : 3 t..

8,400 PKR

Sanwa DCL20R Clamp Meters/AC+True RMS

OVERVIEW:True RMSSlim core for narrow spaceBacklightMarks to make sure the object is properly clampe..

8,400 PKR

Sanwa DCL3000R

OVERVIEW:Flexibility facilitating conductor clamping even in narrow spaceAC current measurable max. ..

34,900 PKR

Sanwa DCM-22AD Clamp Meters

OVERVIEW:DC / AC current measurable max. 200A.Continuity check buzzer.Data hold.Slim core for narrow..

25,900 PKR