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LUTRON AM-4206 Digital Portable Anemometer air flow/air velocity Wind Speed

OVERVIEW: ANEMOMETER, air flow + air velocity Model : AM-4206CMM (m3/min.), CFM (ft3/min.)m/s, ..

28,000 PKR

Prova AVM-03 Anemometer

FEATURES:Air Velocity/Temperature MeasurementAccurate & SensitiveRange: 0 ~ 45m/sec. 0 ~ 60°CSen..

14,000 PKR

Prova AVM-05 Anemometer

FEATURES:PROVA AVM-05 THERMO ANEMOMETER• Flow (CFM, CMM) • Instant/Ave/ 2/3 Vmax Flow Measureme..

18,000 PKR

Prova AVM-07 Anemometer

FEATURES:Flow (CFM, CMM)Instant/Ave/ 2/3 Vmax Flow MeasurementVelocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mp..

20,500 PKR

ST-318 Flexible Thermo-Anemometer

This vane thermo-anemometer has a 35mm Vane with a 480mm (16") flexible gooseneck and measures air v..

9,700 PKR

ST-618 CFM CMM Thermometer Anemometer

AC,10,AC10,Voltage Detector,AC-10 Voltage Detector, Voltage Detector,Measuring,Tool Designed to prov..

10,300 PKR

ST-619 Digital CFM CMM Thermometer Anemometer

This 2-in-1 meter measures the air flow / air velocity and the air temperature simultaneously. ..

12,200 PKR

TES-1340 Hot Wire Anemometer

FEATURES:• Fast response probe. • Air flow volume. • Instant / Avg / V max flow measurement. • Veloc..

26,400 PKR


OVERVIEW:Includes telescopic sensor head suits air and gas flow measurement in pipes or ductsDual di..

26,000 PKR