Mastech MS8229 Auto Range Multimeter & Temperature

Mastech MS8229 Auto Range Multimeter & Temperature


Display: 4000 counts

Auto Ranging

Auto Power Off

Sound &Light Warning: For the Incorrect Inserting the Input Plug

℃/℉ Selection

Diode: 1.5V

Continuity Buzzer: <40Ω

Data hold

Low Battery Display

Display Backlight


Auto range and manual range options are available.

Overrange protection is provided for all ranges.

Maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground: 1000V DC or rms AC

Operating altitude: max. 2000 meters (7000 ft.)

Display: LCD, 3 readings at the same time

Maximum value display: 3999 digits

Polarity indication: automatic;"-" for negative polarity.

Overrange indication: '0L' or '-0L'

Sampling time: approx.0.4 second per sample

Unit indication: function and unit

Auto power off time: 30 min

Specification of fuse: F1 400mA/250V

Fuse protection: F2 10A/500V (quick acting).

Operating power: 1.5V x 3 AAA batteries

Battery low indication: '  ' on LCD

Temperature factor: <0.1x Accuracy℃

Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃(32℉ to 104°Ф)

Storage temperature: -10℃ to 50℃ (10℉ to 122°Ф) 

Dimension: 195x92x55mm

Weight: approxinate 400g (including batteries)

Order Ref. Number: MS8229S

Safety rating: CAT.III 600V / CAT.II 1000V

DC Voltage400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V +-(0.7%+2)
AC Voltage400mV/4V/40V/400V +-(0.8%+3) 750V +-(1.0%+3)
Capacitance40nF/400nF/4µF/40µF/100µF +-(3.0%+3)
DC Current400µA/4000µA/40mA/400mA +-(1.2%+3) 4A/10A +-(2.0%+10)
Resistance400Ω/4KΩ/40KΩ/400KΩ/4MΩ +-(1.2%+2) 40MΩ +-(2.0%+5)
AC Current400µA/4000µA/40mA/400mA +-(1.5%+5) 4A/10A +-(3.0%+10)
Frequency9.999Hz +-(2.0%+5) 99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999kHz +-(1.5%+5) 99.99Hz/199.9kHz +-(2.0%+5) >200kHz Take in only as reference
Duty Cycle0.1%~99.9% +-(3.0%)
Temperature-20℃~0℃ +-(5.0%+3) 1℃~400℃ +-(1.0%+2) 401℃~1000℃ +-(2.0%) -4℉~32℉ +-(5.0%+6) 33℉~752℉ +-(1.0%+4) 753℉~1832℉ +-(2.0%)
Relative Humidity20%~95% +-5.0%
Sound Level35dB~100dB +-3.5%
Luminosity4000Lux/40000Lux +-(5.0%+10)
Environment(℃/℉)0℃~40℃ +-2.0℃ 32℉~104℉ +-4.0℉

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