L293d Motor Driver Module

L293d Motor Driver Module

- Multi-functional, easy operation.

- Coudl drive 4CH DC motor/2CH stepper motor, and could drive 2CH servo at the      same time.

- Support the newest Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega 2560.


- Two 5V servo motor ports, connect to Arduino high resolution timer (no dither).
- Up to four two-way DC motor and 4-channel PWM speed regulation (0.5%                  resolution).
- Up to two stepping motors positive & negative control, Single/double step control.
- 4-channel H-bridge: L293D chip provides each bridge 0.6A current and with                thermal power-off protection, 4.5V     to 36V; Big wire connection terminal posts (10-22AWG).
- With Arduino reset button. 
- Compatible with Mega, Duemilanove ect.

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