UNI-T UT620A Digital MicroMeter

Inquiry UNI-T UT620A Digital MicroMeter


1. 5A DC current output

2. Improved measurement method which improves accuracy by counter-balancing contact resistance of leads

3. Comparison measurement with upper and lower limits

4. Wire length measurement (m/ft)

5. Built-in Lithium battery

6. 1000-group data storage

7. Data transmission between USB and PC

8. Data hold

9. LCD backlight

10. Zeroing function, relative mode

11. IND resistance measurement mode

Resistance 120.00mΩ/5A ±(0.25%+25dgts) 600.00mΩ/1A ±(0.25%+25dgts) 6.0000Ω/100mA ±(0.25%+25dgts) 60.000Ω/10mA ±(0.25%+25dgts) 600.00Ω/1mA ±(0.25%+25dgts) 6.0000kΩ/100uA ±(0.75%+30dgts)
Resolution 10uΩ
Weight 1.5kg
Size 268mm × 168mm × 60mm
General Specification
power Lithium Battery 7.4V 4000mAh, Rechargeable

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  • Brand: UNI-T
  • Product Code: MTDM-58
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  • Rs45,000
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