CEM DT-175CV1 AC Current Voltage tester Data Loggers

CEM DT-175CV1 AC Current Voltage tester Data Loggers

1. Can store a large capacity of 100000 data
2. The voltage sensor can be measured in accordance with the III CAT standard of the maximum flow voltage 600V
3. Liquid crystal display data record is very convenient
4. Free choice from 1 second to 24 hours of measurement cycle
5. Through the computer's USB interface can be downloaded to collect the data
6.Overload tips

Technical Indicators:
Meet IEC61010 safety standards
AC voltage range: 6-600V
AC current range: 10-200A
Channel: single channel signal input
RMS: measure and record the true RMS value of the voltage and leakage current of the AC cycle signal.
Measurement frequency: 40Hz ~ 1KHz
Precision: voltage 6V ~ 600V + 2% current 2A ~ 200A + 2%
Waveform record: record the waveform beyond the set voltage (current) value of the waveform (764 data)
RTC: there is a real time display, software calibration. (if the boot time again after the shutdown is still not the right time to disconnect all measurements, open the back cover to replace the new 3V button cell can be calibrated again)
Data storage: 100000 groups
Record period: 1 sec -24 hours
Peak measurement: 8V-850V + 1.5%
Data output: USB data output
Operating environment: -50 0 degrees C (32 degrees F -122 Fahrenheit) < 70% non Ling Lu
Storage environment: -20 C -60 C (-4 -140 < 80% degrees Fahrenheit Fahrenheit) - Ling Lu
Operation altitude: 2000m
Applicable to 2000/XP/Vista/7 Windows

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