Air Quality Meter

Air Quality Meter

An Air quality monitor is a device that measures the level of common air pollutants. Air Pollution Monitor is available for both indoor and outdoor settings. Sensor-based instruments and air quality monitoring systems are used widely in outdoor ambient applications. The quality of the air we breathe is very important for our health and quality of life. We provide you the wide range of Air quality Meter at the best price online in Pakistan. Choose from the largest digital air quality meter range from brands that are renowned all around the globe.

Calcultate air qulaity index in the most polluted cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar with our air qulaity monitoring devices. PM2.5 air pollution specifically in the regions of Punjab and KPK with live results in the handheld device.

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HT-9600 Air Pollution Monitor Detector Dust Particle Counter

FEATURESThis handheld dust fast detector is the special locating device used to set the value of PM2..


Standard ST-25 Home Energy Monitor

OVERVIEW:The Home Energy Meter is a power-measuring device which complies with the latest state..


BSIDE EET100 Air Quality Multimeter

OVERVIEW:EET100 integrated high sensitivity Dust sensor, VOC sensor, and Temperature & Humidity ..


Lutron PM-1063SD Air particle detector Inquiry

Lutron PM-1063SD Air particle detector

OVERVIEW:Air particle detector PM2.5, Temperature, HumidityPM2.5 (Particulate matter)Measuring ..


TES 5321 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Inquiry

TES 5321 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

FEATURES:The meter is a real-time air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration o..


TES 5322 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Inquiry

TES 5322 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

OVERVIEW:TES 5322 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor converts the concentration of PM2.5 and VOCs in the air ..