RERAS TLW 500 High Power Electric Soldering Iron

RERAS TLW 500 High Power Electric Soldering Iron


RERAS TLW 500 – heavy duty single-mode soldering iron with copper tip and heat-resistant handle for large-sized element and component desoldering. Ideal for repair mechanics and tinsmiths when there is a need to work with over mid-size surfaces.


Fast heating — due to the big tip width that allows heating up large-sized metal components very fast.
High quality assemblage and comfortable usage — soldering iron is gun-shaped with soft and heat-resistant plastic handle. Tip can be moved horizontally that enables slight adjustment of heating temperature.
Copper tip — can be sharpened due to no nickel covering, which allows its deliberate shaping and removing scale traces.
Consumables — solid, liquid, gel and paste fluxes. Soldering acid is often used to remove oxides, grease and oil traces.
US/EU adapter.

Power Consumption 500 W
General Specification
Power Supply 220 V

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