Why We Love Beauty? (And why you should do)
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Why We Love Beauty? (And why you should do)

Beauty is one of the essential tool for most of us and if neglected can also affect the overview anyone will give when they meet someone. It’s like a garment for us to unveil the exterior personality that many people depict. If anyone love themselves they will take out time to keep themselves presentable by enhancing themselves. Mostly girls care more about their beauty and why shouldn’t they? After having a beautiful face and exuberant skin why neglect such a blessing that God has bestowed. It has been gifted to us by nature, so why not nurture it to its best level. When provided with such a phenomenal element why let it go in trash.

The question that arises is that why we love beauty and why you should too? Basically, life is full of flowers whether it be scorns one or the one without thorns but to pass through this tunnel efficiently you must bring out the best in you. Your motivation and confidence level can be uplifted if you use your beauty in a positive way. The very first judgement people make of you is through your looks. For instance, if you apply for a job, the first thing the interviewer will judge is that how you maintain yourself? Whether the clients would be attracted towards you for their further endeavors or would just behold after looking at you. Besides this if you work on your beauty you seem to be groomed. It provides an image of you to people that if you have time for yourself, then you can be loyal to them as well. As it gives an impression that you are true to yourself so you will be true to others.

The scars of an acne of a teenager normally demoralizes the faith in oneself to accomplish anything when this is not the end of the road. While this issue can be resolved by using just a thin layer of organic honey on the scar for few days and whew the scar is GONE!!People are born with different sort of skin types that they can easily distinguish themselves which mainly comprises of normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin. Those people having normal skin are God-gifted. But those having dry and sensitive skin often face some problem with their skin such as pimples, blackheads, flaked dry red patches, redness spots, wrinkles at an early age and enlarged pores. If such grabber circumstances not taken sincerely you can end up with austere condition. I am pretty sure no one would love to have a face full of rashes and pimples that whereabouts your resoluteness. It should not be a mere thought to keep your skin shiny but it should be done wholeheartedly with purposefulness.

Keeping a proper diet also credits to beauty. Healthy meals such as oatmeal at breakfast, vegetable at lunch and dinner, drinking milk regularly and 8-10 glasses of water can also help in achieving a milestone in the progress of your beauty. Seasonal fruits also help in having revitalizing beauty at your doorstep, your skin seems shiny as ever. You glow and that’s what anyone desires for. To have smooth, shiny hair people should apply conditioner, Aloe Vera and hair oil every weekend. Beauty is key to success and it unveil the charisma inside you by exposing your confidence. You start believing at yourself and that’s what should be the purpose of life. I hope you will try to enlighten your brains and explore the exterior beauty as well as interior.



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