Herbs and their healing powers
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Herbs and their healing powers

Herbs are a natural medicine, herbs are much more affective than pharmaceutical medicines and they don’t have any side effects, there are a number of herbs which can treat your different kinds of illness without even going to the doctor. Our ancestors used herbs for the treatments at home and they also lived longer with strong body and bones. If we start to use these herbs instead of medicines, we can feel much better treatment than that of the medicines. Different herbs are used differently in medication.

Here are few of the herbs listed below which heal you in the best possible way, all you should have is the knowledge of these herbs and use them correctly:



  1. Mint:


mint helps in digestion of the food, protects and unswollen the liver, helps in metabolic functions, helps get rid of excessive gas in the intestines, also good for bad breath, that’s why its also used in tooth pastes, it also treats insomnia and depression, also used to cure sore throat issues, it also cures, headache, back pain, neck pain and stomach ache.

You should add mint in your daily food or green tea, tea or you can add in warm water and take it every day.


  1. Rosemary:


The biggest property of rosemary is it helps fight cancer. It also helps to improve memory and intelligence. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, it helps soothe stomach pain, regulates blood and fastens metabolism, it removes toxics from your body because of its inflammatory nature, it has anti-aging properties to remove wrinkles. Use rosemary is your daily food in garnishing, don’t cook rosemary otherwise all the properties will die.



  1. Basil:


Basil has a number of properties which benefits you in the best way possible. Its an anti-oxidant, it also fights cancer, prevents diabetes, it helps reduce fever and pain in your body, it boosts your immune system also protects your liver.

All you have to do is take 2 tomatoes, half cucumber, 1 cup basil (fresh), salt (pinch) grind all of these ingredients and consume its juice.



  1. Ginger:


Ginger is a root that can be used to treat nausea, upset stomach, vomit, chest congestion and for dry cough. There are many different ways to take in ginger, either you can boil it with green tea or black tea or you can grate it and take out its juice and mix with honey and eat it. It will surely make your sickness go away in a very short time. Take it regularly until you feel better.


  1. Dill:


Dill is a herb which has number of healing benefits for your body. Dill helps get rid of menstrual cramps, reduces depression (because of its antidepressant and analgesic properties), it lowers the cholesterol levels, it also is a best treatment for epilepsy, good for digestion. You can eat dill in salads or follow any recipe which contains dill, don’t wash dill before using, use organic dill because they are grown without using pesticides.


  1. Cilantro:


Cilantro resembles a lot like parsley, but it smells different. It has a number of culinary applications and a number of healing properties. Metals such as aluminum, arsenic, mercury sometimes resides in our body which makes you open to heart disease, hormone problems, infertility etc. Cilantro helps flushing all these toxic metals from your body by binding them all together, it also helps remove stress, anxiety, lowers diabetes, helps in prevention of urinary problems, helps fights indigestion, good for combating food poisoning.



  1. Oregano:


Oregano has numerous health benefits like it helps in the protection of immune system due to its antibacterial properties, makes your bones healthy because it has enough iron, calcium and manganese, helps in digestion because its packed with fiber, protects against diabetes. So, it should be used a pinch in your every food.


  1. Tarragon:


Tarragon is rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, C and B-6. It reduces pain by simply chewing the herb, it helps fight insomnia, increases appetite, helps reduce menstrual cramps and good for female reproductive system. It can be added in dishes. It’s mostly used in French dishes. You can make steaks, sauces, seafood and eggs with the tarragon


  1. Dandelion:


It not just decorates, our gardens but it’s a very good antibiotic. Its richness in calcium makes it beneficial for strong bones, it also treats disorders with liver, combats diabetes, treats urinary sickness, it can also be used for skin care, treats diseases of skin, acne/pimples also prevents cancer, treats jaundice, also is very good for people who have constipation.


  1. Chamomile:


There are several benefits of chamomile some of them include, antiseptic for cuts and wounds, treats diabetes, its anti-bacterial properties make it fight bacteria, cures cold and calms your body. It’s good for relieving stomach ache, it also fights cancer and good for making your skin healthy and beautiful.


These are some of the herbs which are organic and can be used to fight a number of diseases in the human body. Start taking these if you suffer from any problem which can be cured by these herbs. And I am sure you won’t take in pharma medication anymore.

These herbs have benefits but also have some side effects for the people who are pregnant or allergic to them, so doctor advice is necessary.

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