9 ways to fight depression
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9 ways to fight depression

Depression is when you feel low, due to overthinking of something and you stay quiet and alone not wanting to talk to anyone. It is a temporary reaction to life events which may include pressure of studies or anything, loss of the loved one etc. It should be treated properly because it’s something serious and may affect your nervous system, it makes you feel sad, lazy you cut yourself from the outside world and just think and think and think what has depressed you. It is a major depressive disorder which should be treated.

We mostly take tons of antibiotics to fight depression which is not okay, because if something can be treated without taking drugs you should opt for it. Here I am telling you some tips to fight off depression that helps well to end depression. Follow these tips to help fight depression, the tips are as under:

  1. Meeting with a counselor: 


Whenever you feel like you are getting trapped inside depression consult a professional and tell him/her about your mood, it will definitely help in uncovering the causes that had made you depressed and the medical professional will tell you how to get rid of all the problems. Meeting a counselor when you are very depressed helps you fight it. And believe me it helps a lot. Just give it a try when you are depressed.


  1. Exercise/ workout/ walk:


When you are depressed you can always go out and take out time for your self to exercise and walk, walk and workout makes you release endorphins which helps fight depression, it relaxes your mind which is what you want to eradicate depression, and the nature around you helps you fight depression making you in a good mood. So, exercise whenever you feel sad.


  1. Breathe under the sun:


Sun contains vitamin D which is very beneficial for you to fight sadness. Vitamin D is associated with lower levels of depression, it makes your head warm and relaxes you leaving your mood better than before and you feel change in yourself. So try following this whenever you feel depressed. It will help you a lot.



  1. Read a book, listen to music:


If you love reading books than if you are even sad don’t leave reading them and choose the topic that makes you feel lost in it and you forget everything that caused depression and you feel a lot better, it will uplift your mood. Listening to music is the best thing when you are depressed. Just put on your handsfree or put the music in high volume in speakers and believe me you will feel perfect. Music really helps uplifting your mood.


  1. Love yourself:


Whenever you are depressed there only one last thing you should not leave that is love yourself, take care of yourself and pamper yourself, self-nurturing at that time will make you fight depression very fast. I know at that time you are hating yourself but believe me it is very effective in fighting depression.



  1. Eat healthy food:

 Eating when in depression ramps up the depression. So it is very necessary to eat healthy which makes your mood very better for example if you consume chocolates, dry fruits it will make your mood improve.


  1. Change yourself:

This is also one of the best ways to combat depression, don’t just give up and don’t think negative when sad. Try changing yourself, you can do that yourself, tell yourself that depression can’t take control over your life or actions you need to have faith and believe in yourself. Life is so short to be lived in depression.


  1. Get a massage:



Massage relaxes and calms your body that is what you want at that moment to be. Cortisol helps regulate blood pressure and also suppresses your immune system which helps reduce depressed feelings. Massage is kind of a caring touch which leaves your body pain free and you feel happy.


  1. Socialize:


Whenever depressed you should never isolate yourself. Try talking to your friends and family, try to communicate with everyone, even if you don’t want to share anything just don’t leave yourself alone, it will make you forget about the things that made you sad and you will feel a lot better.


Try following all these tips whenever you feel depressed, it will help you a lot in combating depression. Remember you only live once so don’t waste the time of your time being depressed and sad. Stay happy !!

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