9 benefits of Aloe Vera you didn’t know exist
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9 benefits of Aloe Vera you didn’t know exist

Aloe Vera is a wonder plant, it is a stem plant, filled with gel. Cultivated all around the world, its used in many medicines now, it is a miracle plant which has a number of benefits because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, its not a seasonal plant, can be used in all seasons, you can also grow it at home.

Its mostly used in beauty products, skin care, health issues etc. its prickly and bitter leaves make the plant away from animals and insects, the gel inside it is 96% water, and other percentages of proteins, amino acids, Vitamin A, B, C and E. some of its thousands of benefits include these below:


  1. Good night sleep:

If you are facing insomnia every night and tired of taking sleeping pills, you should try aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera helps you sleep at night because of its properties that it emits oxygen at night making you take in oxygen and helps you have a restful slumber. Its very easy to grow at your home and it spreads into many baby plants, doesn’t even require much watering. So, try this for a good night sleep next time and also recommend it to your friends and family if they are facing any issues with sleeping.


  1. Weight loss:


Aloe Vera is getting very beneficial if it comes to beauty, health etc. due to its numerous properties. Aloe Vera clears toxins from your body and you lose fat and waste. It has aloin compounds which makes your body cleanse internally. Aloe Vera’s gel when eaten can burn your fat and improves your metabolism, it is a natural laxative which helps our body to detoxify and eliminate fat and leaves you healthy and beautiful by maintaining your body in natural equilibrium state. If you can’t just take in this bitter plant just mix it with lemon, strawberry, cucumber or pine apple juice.


  1. Cracked feet:


Aloe Vera also helps in removing dry and cracked heels problem leaving them nourished and soft. Heels get cracked due to a number of problems inside your body like, dehydration, diabetes etc. so you should moisturize your feet eat green veggies or you can also follow a home remedy using aloe. All you have to do is first moisturize your feet for at least five minutes and then apply fresh aloe Vera gel. Or you can also moisturize your feet with aloe gel first and then use glycerin mixed with honey 3:1 proportion and using a cotton apply it on your feet and wear socks.


  1. Frizzy hair:


Aloe Vera is the best solution for almost all your problems with hair, may it be split ends, dry, rough, frizzy hair. Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids which makes it a best solution for treating frizzy hair and leaves them healthy and shiny, it also detangles your hair by the moisturizer it gives to your hair from your scalp to your ends of the hair. You should apply aloe twice a week on your scalp and all your hair.


  1. Sunburn:


Aloe Vera helps in sunburns and mild burns very effectively. Aloe is the herbal remedy used since long, so as aloe Vera isn’t expensive, and you can also grow it at home. It heals your burns very quickly, it is a great relief to all your pains. All you have to do is cut the aloe plant in half and rub the gel side of the plant on the affected area for 10 minutes.


  1. Dark circles:


When you lose or gain excess weight and your skin damages due to direct sunlight exposure your under-eye area gets effected and you may get wrinkles in an early age, so there are many home remedies to treat under-eye area, but the best solution is aloe Vera. All you have to do is take aloe Vera gel and vitamin E capsules and mix them both together and cool them, and then soak the cotton in it and keep the cotton on your dark circles for thirty minutes. Repeat this everyday for best results in a short time.


  1. Acne:


Aloe Vera’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties helps it fight the bacteria that causes acne on your skin. It fastens the process of healing and leaves no scars behind. Its very simple to use, whenever you get acne just take aloe Vera gel and rub it on your pimples and leave it over-night, wash it off when you wake up with Luke warm water.


  1. Wrinkles:


Your skin needs collagen to not let wrinkles make home on your face. By consuming aloe Vera, you can fight wrinkles because aloe Vera has collagen which doesn’t let wrinkles come. It works from the inside out to reverse your aged skin. So, consume aloe Vera according to doctor’s prescription or make face masks and apply them thrice a week for quick results.


  1. Brow gel:


Afraid of thin brows? That’s just not a problem anymore if you know about this miracle plant and its magic. Yes, I am talking about aloe Vera. It nourishes your hair follicles and make the process of hair growth really fast. Just take the aloe Vera gel and rub on your brows daily and watch the wonders of this plant.


Aloe Vera is a miracle plant which has many properties and should never be neglected. Just grow it in your home and use it every week for different treatments and love yourself and aloe Vera.

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