Prova 800 8-Input Thermometer/Datalogger

Prova 800 8-Input Thermometer/Datalogger


8-input temperature measurement

Graphic display of overall trend for each input

Timers for durations out of Hi and Lo limits

Works with types K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, & C thermocouples

Easy socket for thermocouple mini-connector

Basic accuracy 0.05% ±1 °C (K type)

Programmable Hi-Lo alarm for each input

Display of max and min values for each input

Sampling rate 8 inputs / second

24 hour recording with alkaline batteries

Standard 2GB SD memory card (stores almost 4 years of data)

Optional 8GB SDHC memory card

SD card read directly by PC

Easy data file management (Read and Delete functions)

Built-in calendar clock

Independent Input Setup (thermocouple type, name of Engineering Unit, Hi-Lo alarm values)

Isolated Input Protection of 350V p-p between any two inputs

Programmable Engineering Unit (E.U.) to integrate analog output (-60mV to 60mV) from instruments such as Clamp Meters, Humidity Meters, and Sound Level Meters

General Specifications:

Battery type

Eight 1.2V AA alkaline batteries


Input: 110V or 220V, Output: 12V/300mA DC


257(L) x 155(W) x 57(H)mm 10.1" (L) x 6.1" (W) x 2.2" (H)


193(L) x 74(W) x 37(H)mm (7.6" x 2.9" x 1.5")


1160g / 40.9 oz (Batteries included)


User's Manual, Software Manual, Software CD, AC Adaptor, Batteries, Carrying Case, USB Cable, 2GB SD Card, Type K Thermocouples (6 cables - 1 metre long, 1 cable - 3 metres long, 1 cable - 5 metres long)

Optional accessories


Electrical Specifications:

Accuracy at 23°C ± 5°C.  Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)




Type K

-200°C to -100°C


-100°C to 1370°C

±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C

-328°F to -148°F


-148°F to 2498°F

±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F

Type J

-200°C to -100°C


-100°C to 100°C


100°C to 1000°C

±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C

-328°F to -148°F


-148° F to 212°F


212°F to 1832°F

±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F

Type E

-150°C to -100°C

± 2.0°C

-100°C to 760°C

±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C

-238°F to -148°F


-148°F to 1400°F

±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F

Type T

-200°C to -100°C


-100°C to 400°C

±0.1% rdg ±0.5°C

-328°F to -148°F


-148°F to 752°F

±0.1% rdg ±0.9°F

Types R and S

0°C to 100°C


100°C to 300°C


300°C to 1600°C

±0.05% rdg ±2°C

32°F to 212°F


212°F to 572°F


572°F to 2912°F

±0.05% rdg ±3.6°F

Type N

0°C to 1300°C

±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C

32°F to 2372°F

±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F

Type L

-200°C to 900°C

±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C

-328°F to 1652°F

±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F

Type U

0°C to 600°C

±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C

32°F to 1112°F

±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F

Type B

600°C to 1820°C

±0.05% rdg ±2.0°C

1112°F to 3308°F

±0.05% rdg ±3.6°F

Type C

0°C to 2310°C

±0.1% rdg ±1.5°C

32°F to 4190°F

±0.1% rdg ±2.7°F

Accuracy of Analog (mV) measurements: The Prova 800 can measure analog outputs (-50mV to 50mV) from instruments such as Sound Level Meters and Clamp Meters with an accuracy of ±0.05% rdg ±20 μV.

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